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Our mission is to surpass the expectations of our clients by providing extraordinary, strategic security and investigative solutions and ultimately making our client a part of our USAU Group family.



At USAU Group, our vision is to become an empire in the world of investigations, protection and security by utilising our expertise to deliver phenomenal solutions.



At USAU Group, we are strongly dedicated to living and operating by a set of enduring values consisting of three basic principles:

  • INTEGRITY– We pride ourselves in the consistency of values, methods, actions, expectations and outcomes. We will exemplify the honesty and truthfulness and accuracy of our actions in all our endeavours.
  • PROFESSIONALISM– We maintain a high quality of ethics, provide specialized knowledge for our clients and the mastery for them to exceed in their endeavours. It is our strong desire to give our clients a high standard of innovative solutions that will transform our clients’ business.
  • SERVICE– It is our commitment to enhance the level of excellence we can provide to our clients and to deliver outstanding service and achieve excellence every day.



At USAU Group, we believe our employees are an essential part of our success and will exhibit the following values:

  • INTEGRITY– Act with honesty and integrity without compromising our values
  • COMMUNITY– Have a sense of responsibility to uphold our mission and values which define our existence
  • LEADERSHIP– Take the initiative to be proactive and take the lead in shaping our future
  • PASSION– Put your heart, mind and talent in your work to be the best
  • RESPECT– Give due respect to yourself and others while maintaining the environment of teamwork and growth
  • BALANCE– Maintain a healthy life and work balance
  • FUN– Have fun and celebrate small successes in our journey to achieve greater results