“A chain is as strong as its weakest link”

– William James

USAU Group is a premier provider of a comprehensive range of superior risk mitigation services. The firm provides professional risk management and protection to meet the rigorous demands of today’s complex world.

With the highest level of competence; access to, and deployment of, the latest technologies; and unparalleled experience in a broad range of situations and environments, our services are differentiated in the industry.

Comprehensive, Australian-born solutions…

USAU Group is an Australian-owned provider of full-service risk mitigation in Australia, with clients including major corporate entities, mid-sized companies, notable individuals, government at all levels, and others.

Working in close partnership with its clients, USAU Group is a multi-services firm, unsurpassed at risk mitigation and enterprise threat management, asset protection, executive protection, consulting and investigations, corporate security, response security services, special events security, and the full range of related security solutions.

With capabilities to provide services throughout Australasia and internationally, and diverse management experience and leadership backgrounds, USAU Group provides stability, experience, and resources to support customers with best-in-class service.

USAU Group is a firm focused on forging the strongest possible chain of security and protection…

USAU Group was established to provide ‘real-world’ risk mitigation, security services and delivering the latest emergency management solutions to clients in need and training to clients who wish to simply strengthen their existing knowledge base.

USAU Group was formed on a singular, defining premise: to bring a degree of experience, dedication, and professionalism to the security industry that has long been missing.

We thrive on innovation and continuous improvement. We want our clients to feel the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are benefitting from the latest and most up to date techniques in security performance.

Our commitment to you and our security officers is that we are going to be the VERY BEST we can be. We aim to set standards the entire private security industry will aspire to.

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