Armed Security

Armed Security

USAU Group provides armed security service for high-threat situations. We also provide Cash-in-Transit services for corporate and individual clients.

Our armed and cash-in-transit services can be conducted overtly or covertly. The way the operation will be completed will be decided by USAU Group management and the client.

For armed assignments, our security officer selection procedures are even more stringent.

In addition to our standard background investigation, reference checks, drug test and other screening requirements, for armed positions, we specifically seek candidates with prior experience, preferably in the military or law enforcement.

Candidates for armed security service assignments are often subject to additional requirements established by the client and/or local or state regulations.

Candidates for armed assignments participate in extensive security officer training on the proper care, custody, and use of company-authorized firearms.

Armed officers benefit from 40 hours of firearms training at minimum – more for some clients and jurisdictions.

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