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Licensed Armed Security Guards In Melbourne

USAU Groups Offers Comprehensive Protection Through Advanced Training and Expertise in Armed Security Services.

We are an owned and operated company by a licensed security industry firearms instructor with over 25+ years of experience.

Our services are designed to offer the highest level of protection, especially in environments or situations where the risk level is identified as being significantly higher. This could include high-value goods transport or physical asset protection, where the presence of an armed guard serves as a strong deterrent against potential threats.

Armed Security Guards

25+ Years Of Armed Security Experience

Each member of our armed security team is highly trained and holds the required licenses as required by the Australian law.

We engage in continuous training with our armed security officers, focusing on the legal responsibilities of firearm possession and use within a security context in Australia.

This ensures that our services not only meets but exceed the expectations of safety, reliability, and professionalism required by our clients.

Armed Guard Services

Some of our armed security services include:

Armed Security FAQs

If you have any more questions about the armed security service we offer at USAU Group, please contact us.

What exactly can armed security services protect in Australia?

Armed security services in Australia are versatile in their capacity to safeguard a broad spectrum of assets and environments. These services are particularly beneficial for protecting high-value assets such as cash in transit, high-end retail inventory, precious metals and property. Their presence acts as a powerful deterrent against criminal activities, ensuring the safety and security of both tangible assets and individuals.

Are armed security guards licensed and trained?

Yes, armed security guards in Australia are rigorously licensed and trained in accordance with national standards. Each guard must complete a comprehensive training program that includes not only the safe handling and use of firearms but also conflict resolution, legal knowledge, and emergency response. The licensing process involves thorough background checks to ensure the suitability of individuals for this role. Continuous professional development and refresher training courses are mandatory, ensuring armed guards remain proficient in the latest security practices and legislative changes. This extensive preparation ensures that armed security services provide the highest degree of protection while maintaining the utmost respect for legal and ethical standards.

Are armed guards required to wear a uniform?

If armed guards are wearing a firearm visible, yes, they must be in uniform. If the firearm is covert, armed guards are not required to wear uniforms, however they must have the firearm concealed at all times.

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