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Unarmed security services offer a versatile and effective means of ensuring safety and peace of mind for businesses and properties without being armed.

These security guards encompass a wide range of roles, including patrolling and monitoring activities, reporting incidents, and addressing safety concerns.

Unarmed security personnel are extensively trained in conflict resolution, emergency response, crowd control and customer service to adeptly manage situations with diplomacy and professionalism.

Why Choose Unarmed Security Services?

The presence of unarmed security guards promotes a non-threatening environment, helping to deter criminal activity without intimidating employees, customers, or the general public.

Unarmed guards are suitable for low-risk areas, providing adequate protection without the need for weapons or force. They also serve as a visible deterrent to potential criminals, reducing the likelihood of theft or vandalism.

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Security Guard FAQs

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What is an Unarmed Security Guard?

An unarmed security guard is a professional tasked with monitoring and protecting property, assets, and people without the use of firearms or other weapons. They serve as a visible deterrent to illegal activities while observe for signs of crime or disorder, reporting any incidents to law enforcement. Their role focuses on prevention, surveillance, and providing a sense of security through their presence.

What Are Unarmed Guards Suited For?

Unarmed guards are best suited for environments where the risk of violence is low and the primary goal is to deter petty crimes like theft or vandalism. Some of these situations include retail stores, offices, schools, hospitals, residential communities or events.

How are Unarmed Security Guards Trained?


Unarmed security guards undergo training that includes public relations, observation and reporting, emergency response procedures, conflict resolution and the legal aspects of security work. Training programs often vary by state or country, with specific licensing requirements that must be met.

Can Unarmed Guards Detain People?

Yes, unarmed guards can detain individuals, but their authority to do so varies depending on the country or state’s laws and the policies of their employer. Generally, they may detain someone temporarily if they witness a crime being committed on their watch, using the least amount of force necessary until law enforcement arrives. However, their primary focus is on observing, reporting, and deterring crime rather than physical confrontations or arrests.

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